Master Raj Rajput

Taekwondo Master RajputWarriors Taekwondo is led by Master Raj Rajput, a Former World and International Champion and International Olympic qualifier. Master Rajput and his team of dedicated professionals have developed one of the most successful martial arts academies in New York State, consistently producing multiple state and national level competitors and champions. 

Master Rajput is an internationally respected martial arts expert known for developing state, national, world and Olympic level athletes.  He has a keen sense in bringing out a student’s untapped potential and is an effective team-builder and communicator of goals.  Master Rajput is known as an exceptional lecturer, presenter and workshop facilitator and is recognized for his work ethic, integrity and a commitment to excellence. To learn more about Master Raj, click here.


Master Jay Rajput

Taekwondo Master Jay RajputMaster Jay Rajput started Taekwondo in 1989 and became a black belt in 1992 after only three years of study. Master Rajput has been teaching Taekwondo since 1992.

He was on the state team for nationals in 1998 and participated in international tournaments in Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh and Indonesia in that year as well.

Master Rajput won a Bronze Medal at the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) World Taekwondo Tournament in Connecticut in October 2000. To see more of Master Jay, click here.


Master John Williams

Taekwondo Master
Master Williams actively trains and teaches martial arts at the Warriors Taekwondo Academy in Riverdale, NY. He has trained in martial arts for over 18 years and received 1st and 2nd Dan black belts under Master Raj Rajput. To see Master John in action, visit his gallery.



Instructor Farhad Nasri Ghajari

Taekwondo Instructor FarhadInstructor Farhad has been taking Taekwondo with Master Raj since the age of 11. After attaining his Black Belt three years ago, Instructor Farhad has been teaching our After School Program and Basic Taekwondo for Warriors Taekwondo.