The core mission of our academy is to provide students with the highest quality martial arts instruction available and to do so in a safe, motivating and positive learning environment that individuals of all ages can enjoy. The academy looks to instill the highest standards of integrity, honesty and sportsmanship through the study of martial arts. Our teaching curriculum consists primarily of Olympic Style Taekwondo and Kick Boxing. Our training philosophy is based on two concepts, “a positive mental attitude” and “high goal setting.” All of our teaching is conducted by Black-Belt level instructors who have exceptional coaching, teaching, motivational and leadership skills.


We believe strongly that there is a direct correlation to an improved quality of life as a result of studying martial arts. Studies have shown that individuals who study martial arts have a greater sense of focus, discipline, motivation and desire to better themselves personally and professionally. Our approach to martial arts is a life skills training and development program that not only teaches self-defense, but also helps create a lifestyle that builds character, leadership, respect, discipline, self confidence, self esteem, a strong physical body and mind, improved academic and workplace performance and the ability to better manage stress, conflict and relationships. Simply put, our program serves as a positive instrument for human development and achieving success.